About Us


STR-SEG is a professional engineering and building envelope consulting firm, connected to a full-service architectural and planning firm in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 1999, the firm operates from satellite offices in suburban Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Madison. We provide services to a diverse, nationwide client base ranging from school districts to property management firms to Fortune 500 companies.

The STR-SEG staff of principals, consultants, project managers, and design professionals provide our clients with solutions, quality design and construction observation. Our staff brings more than 100 years of combined building envelope and hardscape experience to your project. With expertise, experience and excitement, we address the concerns, challenges and crises involving our client’s facilities. Our passion is exhibited both in interaction with our clients and in our approach to addressing their problems.

Our unique, interrelated group of companies – integrating people with diverse education, experience, and environmental backgrounds – comprise a vast, varied and valuable set of resources deployed to the benefit of our clients. Using analysis to properly identify the cause of problems, experience to develop appropriate solutions, attention to detail to produce a clear design and diligent observation throughout the construction process, we always work in our client’s best interest and are committed to excellence in the services that we provide.