Your facility’s roadways, parking lots and sidewalks are the surfaces most noticeable to users on a daily basis. STR/SEG’s diverse experience with site issues – from pristine corporate campus landscapes to school playgrounds to heavily-trafficked industrial loading docks. Knowing that pavement is constantly plagued with cracking, heaving, and potholes, we will analyze your conditions to determine the underlying cause of any problems and will propose the proper solutions to address them.

Every client has different expectations and tolerances for these assets and STR/SEG can help maintain your hardscape surfaces to the extent required – whether that means simply keeping it drivable, complying with ADA guidelines and minimizing liability risks, or creating a positive “first impression” for people arriving at your property.

Our Hardscape Services include and are not limited to:

  • Consultation and Analysis
  • Surveys
  • Defect Identification
  • Professional Testing
  • Core Sampling
  • Laser Level Surveying
  • Compaction Analysis
  • Specifications and Project Managemen