Our Projects

Tippecanoe School Corporation

The re-roofing project on the William Henry Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana involved the steep-slope roof areas totaling approximately 15,000 square feet. The existing metal panel finish had deteriorated and surface rusting was occurring at the seams. The new roof system features 4-inches of rigid insulation, a 1/2-inch plywood and synthetic underlayment followed by the installation of a distinctive 24 gauge prefinished galvanized architectural standing seam metal roof.

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
Lead Consultant: Greggory H. Nichols, Rrc, Rro
Str/Seg Design Team: Randy Marquardt
Project Budget: $250,000

University Of Wisconsin

This project, at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, involves historic restoration of the Downer Campus Historic District (Garland, Greene, Holton, Johnston, Merrill and Pearse Halls). These buildings were constructed around the turn of the 20th Century. The project restores the exterior envelope integrity of the buildings, replaces/repairs deteriorated components and increases the energy efficiency of the exterior envelope.

• Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• Lead Consultant: Russell P. Mohns, P.E.
• Design Team: Randy Marquardt And Murray Smith
• Project Budget: $4,979,000

Monroe County Community School

The comprehensive hardscape project at Lora Batchelor Middle School for the Monroe County Community School Corporation replaced asphalt and concrete pavements, including the reconfiguration of vehicle (automobile and bus) and pedestrian traffic routes.

• Location: Bloomington, Indiana
• Lead Consultant: Rich Talkowski
• Design Team: Randy Marquardt
• Project Budget:$300,000